Saturday, July 31, 2010

i just love sling bags

i bought this one last two weeks....n am waiting for it

last nite i was browsing the net for another bag.....n i found this!!!
i want it so badly....

Friday, July 16, 2010

my dream abayah

simply stunning!!

i just love turquoise!

love the cuff!!

i would love to have them all~~

Friday, July 2, 2010

am i an alien??

School, students, teachers, text books, papers, lesson plans, headaches, questions...these are the entities that occupy my realm of living from now onwards. Nothing else revolves around me but of education setting and its vibe of excitement, tension, and overwhelming fatigue; the concoction of my 'daily juice'. I wake up every morning at 5.45 a.m. with nothing in my mind but the smiling faces of my students. they laugh at my sayings, gestures, my expressions...I am not sure if I’m being funny or they simply laugh at anything...but it’s warm though...their smiles and laughter signal that they are listening tentatively to my every words. The thought consoles me.

I’m very grateful to be given such students of good deportment. it’s one burden off my shoulder...unlike my relief classes, they are uncontrollable, I am always thinking of what is the best way to make them listen and at least stay still at their own place...I made it once for the from 3 students but the form 1 and 2....they are like so difficult...I really need to find solutions of handling problematic students especially those of young teenagers. Sometimes when I look at each of their faces, I can see that they are signaling something deep, an enigma of the plight that they are facing. I do not believe in 'bad' person. Nobody is bad for me...there’s reasons for their inconvenient behavior. Its either, they are having problems at home, their parents was not there for them and they feel neglected , or because of the negatives labels the teachers give them, that they themselves start to believe. Belief is just a perception and it’s not a fact, it is never is only real if you believed it is. How can I make my students understand that....that they are more than what they If that can be done...then my problem is settled with them…It is so sad to see them that way….I wish I could help…but the question is HOW?

Worries aside. I had so so much fun at Hari Koperasi Sekolah yesterday…I helped my students to sell their products and it was a blast, their sales were something that can be proud of. They were elated at the profit they gained…thanked to me….sbb ckp “Lelong, Lelong….”hahahahah!!! It was humiliating at first…but I was thrilled all the way…thanks to my students and my friend , Moja for the support to jadi muke tembok kat situ…all the humiliation and weariness paid in the end though…I bought a pot of plant…yeah…my students sold plants!! Wasn’t that humungously interesting?? They have orchid, daisy and other weird I-don’t know-the–name plants….I did batik panting with my student; Sharifah salamah….hahaha…yeah…we have almost the same name. It came out beautiful….yeah…I can proudly claim that I’m now a batik painter…though not professional but mediocre is fair enough…that’s all…will be posting more of my practicum experience later…