Saturday, February 14, 2009


I say loneliness kills and you'd laughed, assuming to the humorous possibility that it is merely a quotation by pathetic lovers.

You continue laughing because You don't understand!

If you could see loneliness, my friend, you would cry and cry and cry till it stops seeing you. If you could hear loneliness, you'd close your ear and beg it to stop for it is like a sad, dragging music that cynically laugh to humiliate your suffering. The moment it starts to hunt, you'd want to run away, desperately and you'd use anything to escape to the extent when sleep and death becomes nothing much of a difference. It kills you deep. LONELINESS KILLS!

a contribution from a fren

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It’s hard to tell story
When your mind is full of misery
That fills with tears and grieves
It’s like life of intangible rope
That sometimes the knot is twisted with no hope
Should I say it’s ok to feel the agony
That’s flaming with anger and no blissful ecstasy
Sometimes I kept thinking of happiness that only comes at day light
And will soon fade with the darkening night
Why it’s hard to make choice of two possible uncertainties
When there’s only confusing eternity
I kept thinking of ease
That will never come to me with gentle breeze
Damn! I wish life is lot easier
If there someone to share every sorrow and grieve
But, alas...there’s non with such shear mercy
Its seems so unclear
Its seems so hard
Its seems so complicated
And I’m confused...