Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my second entry

hello again dear journal!!
when was the time i last see u? that might be last week perhaps,
couldn't quite remember...:p
i got my Arabic reading test and its just like eating nuts!!!
not that I'm bragging or boasting myself...but its for real!
i didn't even land my eyes on Arabic books last nite...but luck just "sway gracefully" to me not experience this,that's why its something i should cherish for:p
today i have to attend something i never really in fond of(something i hate da most!!)..
KESATRIA speech!! i just couldnt stand myself sitting there for two hours listening to crabSSS!!! i will sure start to agitate after even 2 minutes!!..i just couldn't get on earth people can listen to it in full concentration!! im not saying they r freak, but hey!! common listening to kesatria.???
oh ya!! an extremely great news here..this week i'll be returning to my negeri tanah tumpah on Saturday!! for RAYA!!!..huuuu...i just couldnt wait!! all my kazen will be there, got to meet my family..that i miss so much!! RAYA is such a great day to me...da day when distance is no longer becoming the boundary for us...cuz every one is there to eat, dance and CELEBRATE!!..dats all..see u after raya!!
ciau, adious, maassalamah!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

the very day i create this blog.

never thought i will be creating a blog of my own, for writing is not my favor.Well, i have problem in writing my thoughts into words, i prefer drawing cuz they say "picture symbolizes thousand words." so why waste ur time writing million words when u just need a paper of a picture. hahahahaha! somehow, i just give a shot to write something here.....well its not wrong to try something new, something i never done before. a change of paradigm might never be a problem right?...hmmmmm...what more to write?? oh now sitting in a library, got nuthing else to occupied me. (my class canceled,my best friend is not here) so, this is when, the thought of blogging bombard to me....hmmmmm...i think thats all for now...( i may consider this a journal of mine) yay!!!! i have a journal now!! yippi!!